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Quick fields for contracts

Quick fields help you make registrations faster. Quick fields are now possible to dedicate for individual contracts, or even disciplines, which gives a better overview.

Less but precise possibilities = faster registrations.


Include tasks when printing a checklist

When printing a checklist, which has tasks connected, you can now include them in your report, quick and easy. All types of task reports can be chosen in this workflow, and you can even include attached files from the tasks.


Large images in checklist printouts

When printing a checklist, you can now choose to have large images included.


Deadline field now active on new task types

Setting up a new task type have become easier. Deadline is now a default setting, and can’t be set backwards in time, unless you decide to enable that.


Task assignments as a construction manager

Assigning tasks between contracts as a construction manager has now gotten a little more flexible. When opening a task assigned to a contract you are also involved in, you can now move it to another contract if needed.


Creating list values

Setting up new list values can hardly get any easier. You can now paste a set of values directly in to the interface, just using “CTRL+V”.

List values that have already been submitted can now also be reused.


Predefine checklists

Set up checklists with predefined data by importing your checklists as a spreadsheet from Excel.


Deactivating checklists

If working with a certain type of checklist is no longer relevant, you can deactivate it, so no more checklists can be created, and the already created will still be available.


Link a checklist to a control plan

As well as linking tasks, you can now also link checklists.



Send files from Box to your print supplier

Now you can setup a distribution list to give you an overview of which of your files that have or have not been printed yet.

Send files directly from your list to your designated print supplier, directly from your Box project.


Send a link to a folder

Send folder links to project participants for quick and easy access.


Download all files from a Box notification

Receive a file notification from Box, download all as a zip file.


.smc files gets interpreted as a model file

For a more precise metadata overview, .smc files are now interpreted as a model file.



Set an end date for your project

If your project is about to end, you can now specify an end date for the project, so it closes when it needs to. All admins will be informed.


Access all company projects as a company admin

Company admins are now able to access all company owned projects as an observer. If needed, they can also set themselves to be an IT administrator on their projects.

Users can edit their title on their profiles

All users can add their own job title.


Export contact list to excel

Export the entire list of project participants to a spreadsheet. The user list now also has search and filter possibilities.


Drawings & BIM

DWG placement

The DWG placement process has been made more intuitive.


Better IFC property support

Next time you upload your models, many improvements have been made to better support IFC properties.