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We have a new and improved version of Dalux Field with lots of new features to you and your project!

We have new features for our 3D viewer, Dalux Quality Control, Dalux Box and our Company overview.


3D viewer

Drawings and viewport links shown in your model

With the latest version of our 3D viewer, we have made it possible to not only have your plan drawings integrated in the 3D view, but also sections and elevations.

Furthermore, viewport links on your drawings can now also be activated, which means that links to other drawings can be clicked, and the drawing will be shown together with the BIM model.

This is only available for users who upload through our Revit plugin.


Dalux Quality Control

Watch our video where we go through the new features. Or read about them below.

Activity log in the Quality Control module

User activity are now available for admins. See who of your colleagues and collaboration partners have been logged on.


Minimum days on deadlines on tasks

Define a minimum number of days for when a deadline on a task can be set.


Documents as help texts on checklists

Add your own documents as help texts for your checklists.

Import checklist from spreadsheet

You can now set up your checklists by importing a spreadsheet.


Mandatory fields on checklists

Control which fields on checklists that must be filled out before they can be finished.

Colors on tasks connected to checklists

Checklists that have tasks connected, will now show a color depending on which status the task have. If the task is approved it will be green, if not, it will be orange.


Paste pictures from clipboard (CTRL+V) directly in your tasks

Working in Dalux on the web, adding a picture to a task is now even quicker. Copy paste a picture directly in a task, without saving it to your computer first.


Connect a checklist to a control plan

Have an overview over your quality assurance work through a control plan. Connect tasks and checklists to the control plans to keep track of your quality controls.



Dalux BOX

Lists as datatype for documents

Define your own lists as metadata for your BOX documents.

Add your reminders to the file log

If you want to document that you have sent a reminder about a file, this can now be added to the file log.


Enterprise module

Overview of modules on projects

Enterprise users have now got an overview which modules are active on which projects.