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Augmented Reality in pocket-size


Our new TwinBIM™ technology blends the digital and physical worlds. Using your smartphone or tablet*, TwinBIM™ simply merges your BIM model into your real-time physical environment, allowing you to see and interact with it.

TwinBIM™ is a standard functionality in Dalux Field, our snagging tool for the construction site. And no, it doesn’t cost extra. Why should it?

*) TwinBIM™ works on all Google Tango enabled mobile devices.

No space helmets. No goggles. Just a smartphone or tablet


At a fraction of the price compared to other solutions, TwinBIM™ invites to true on-site collaboration. Much different than Virtual Reality where the user is immersed in a totally different world, TwinBIM™ invite digital content into your real-time surroundings allowing you and your colleagues to share what you see. TwinBIM™ fits right in your pocket so it is always at hand and never in the way.


Seeing is understanding


Construction projects are getting increasingly complex, and with the complexity comes a need for even closer coordination. For more than a decade, BIM has proven to be a great tool for just that. So, why not use BIM on site? We believe, that BIM is for everyone and should work the way you do: on the go. That’s why we built the world’s fastest BIM engine for mobile devices. BIM should work anywhere, anytime.


How does it work?


TwinBIM™ is compatible with Google’s Tango, and works by scanning your physical environment and creating a 3D map of your surroundings. That way, TwinBIM™ knows exactly where to put your BIM model, aligning it and anchoring it into the physical world.

We believe, that digital models are not complete until they have been challenged against reality. True digital transformation comes from the field.


These mobile phone models features the Google Tango technology and are the ones we recommend when you want to use our TwinBIM™ technology.

Lenovo Phab 2 Pro

Asus Zenfone AR


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