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100% mobile FM-organization


From simple service request to a all mobile FM-organization. Efficient and not dependent on the office.



More than 160 million sqft is facilitated in the system


The most user friendly and efficient FM-system available

Try DaluxFM


DaluxFM is used by the biggest and most ambitious facility owners, firms, goverments, hospitals etc.


Custom fit the system so it works perfect with your organization. Add modules when the need arises, and your organization is ready for new digital solutions.


DaluxFM supports standards for file structure and modeldata. Structure all your FM-data the way you like to work.


Upload active plan drawings and 3D models from Autocad or Revit and make them available for multiple purposes in all the DaluxFM modules.

100% cloud-based

No installations and updates all the time. Everybody have acces to DaluxFM through a browser or by mobile.

Become mobile

DaluxFM offers three different app’s so your building users and technical personnel become 100% mobile.

100% mobile FM-organization

Handle HelpDesk repporting and FM assignments from your mobile

DaluxFM offers mobile app’s for Helpdesk reporting from building users and also app’s for the technical personnel and external service requests.

Directly forward assignments to external companies and get a “completed” report with pictures when finished.

This makes it possible to work 100% mobile with fast response for the users.



Dalux own 3D viewer is built in , providing a stunning visual overview of your building and its buildingparts

Enhance your service experience

Fast response from personnel, keeping your users automatically updated on their requests

Increase customer satisfaction by giving your users the possibility to report through DaluxFM’s HelpDesk. Reporting is easy and intuitive with a mobile device or computer.

The responsible person will automatically be notified, and able to answer and process directly from the mobile phone or tablet. The users will receive updates on the inquiry.

It ensures a fast response and a better service experience for your users.


Hillerød municipality purchase DaluxFM

We had been looking at different FM systems, and the FM system, which we believed would be the best for us, was DaluxFM.

– We believe that with DaluxFM we have gotten the perfect system for Hillerød Municipality



Bryan Karlqvist, Sektionsleder, Hillerød Kommune