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Building archive

DauluxFM main module has a simpel and graphical navigation with easy access to the main information regarding your buildings.



Overview of your building portfolio

The map gives a fast graphical overview of your buildings, With easy access to active floor plans and export of drawings.

Facility management

All facility management assignments can be handled i DaluxFM both from a laptop or your mobile.

Manage all assignments in one system

Track your assignments both finished and not finished and follow up on your budget.

Mobile access

The building users can place their service requests directly from an smartphone and technical staff can receive assignments and follow up also directly on a smartphone. iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


See KPI’s per building, asset, expenses or assignments. Every data field can be measured.



Increase the service level with a mobile Helpdesk for building users. DaluxFM makes sure that the correct person or team gets the service request and they answer directly to the user..

Simpel and userfreindly service requests from users

Place requests from a smartphone or web portal. You can also use QR-codes to place service requests.

Save money on assignment management

More accurate service requests provides a better assignment management. Save huge amounts of time spend on managing assignments.

Automatic reply for users

DaluxFM always keeps your users updated on their service requests, from start to “assignment completed”

Read how the police handle service requests from 14.000 employees.



Register your building parts and assets

Manage your buildingparts and assets in DaluxFM: All parameters, documents, drawings etc. All searchable in DaluxFM

Mobile acces to asset information

See your asset information directly on your smartphone when you are in the field. 


Data structure

Structure your documents and plan drawings and ensure a fast way to locate all buildingdata.

Grafical search on map

Find relevant documents and drawings through a GIS-map  

Give access to external people

Lend documents, drawings and buildingmodels to external people, all through DaluxFM.

Space management

Area search across your building portfolio

Search rooms/areas across your entire portfolio. For example room name, area, tenant etc.

Close integration to CAD and BIM

Synchronize or upload your areas directly from CAD/BIM systems or IFC. With plugins for Autocad and Revit

Cleaning management

Create your own room data/properties and tailor fit your FM-system for your needs. For example the amount of cleaning for each room type. The possibilities is endless


Register everything in the field with a mobile or tablet
Save time by using your smartphone for inspections. Take pictures, mark them up, apply information and send. Its that easy.

Register in a basement in offline mode. The app synchronize as soon you get online again. 

Pricing by experience

Use prior prices to get a quick overview of your future expenses.

Lease management

Lease management with CAD and BIM

Simple registering of tenants on floorplans. Create color templates directly on your floorplans for a great visual overview.

Empty space management

Get a great overview of empty areas. See your empty areas across your portfolio, on level, buildings or rooms. You decide.

Advanced area calculator

DaluxFM automatically calculates shared areas and distributes these areas to tenants if wanted.

Evacuation plans

Create evacuation plans in 10 minutes

Easy creation of evacuation plans.

Close integration to CAD 6 BIM 

Create your evacuation plans directly on your uploaded plan drawings. No CAD or BIM knowledge is necessary.

Read how DTU creates evacuation plans in DaluxFM.